Conditional intents and bidirectional image support

New features

Send Images in Messages

Now, visitors can enhance their communication by sending images directly through Algomo's widget. These images will be visible in the inbox, providing a more visual way for visitors to describe and communicate their issues. This feature empowers both customers and agents to better understand and resolve problems.

Introducing Conditional intents

With the introduction of Conditional Intents, we bring forth a powerful feature: Tags. These versatile markers enhance your conversational interactions, allowing for dynamic adjustments based on user inputs. Let's delve into a practical example of how tags can elevate user engagement.

Example: Tailoring Information for Sellers and Buyers

Consider a scenario where a user asks, "Who do I sign up?" The system, equipped with Conditional Intents, checks for relevant tags. In this case, a tag type could be 'Visitor Type' with values 'Seller' and 'Buyer.'

Dynamic Tag-Based Inquiry: The system recognizes the ambiguity and triggers a dynamic inquiry: "Are you a Seller or a Buyer?"

The tag 'Visitor Type' serves as a guide, allowing the system to elicit the specific information needed to provide a tailored response.

Personalized Response: Based on the user's response, the system tailors its reply accordingly.

For a 'Seller,' it offers details on seller sign-up, and for a 'Buyer,' it provides information relevant to buyer sign-up.

Enhanced User Experience: By utilizing tags, Algomo ensures that users receive precise and relevant information based on their specific role or intent.

This dynamic interaction exemplifies the adaptability and user-centricity that tags bring to your automated conversations.

Tag Configuration: Conditional Intents support up to three tag types, with up to 20 values each, offering flexibility in categorizing and guiding conversations effectively.

With tags, Algomo users now have a robust tool to tailor conversations based on visitor types, preferences, or any criteria you define. We're excited about the personalized and dynamic experiences that tags bring to Algomo's conversational capabilities.

Coming Soon

Generic tools

We're currently working on incorporating Generic Tools which are designed to enhance the functionality of the Algomo AI platform. Generic Tools provide users with the ability to describe and integrate external API endpoints, including authentication details, transforming them into callable functions within the Algomo environment.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic API Integration: Users can seamlessly connect Algomo to external systems through API endpoints, enabling real-time data retrieval and task execution directly from within the conversation interface.
  • Configurable Authentication: Generic Tools support configurable authentication mechanisms, ensuring secure integration with a variety of external services and platforms.
  • Flexible Use Cases: From automating workflows and updating project tasks to retrieving personalized content and interacting with booking systems, Generic Tools offer flexibility for a range of use cases.

How It Works:

  1. User Configuration: Users describe the API endpoint and authentication details within Algomo.
  2. Callable Functions: Configured tools become callable functions for the Algomo AI, allowing dynamic interactions with external systems.


  • Enhanced Automation: Streamline workflows by automating tasks and actions through external API integrations.
  • Real-Time Data Access: Enable the Algomo AI to retrieve real-time information by dynamically calling external APIs.
  • Increased Versatility: Adapt Generic Tools to a variety of scenarios, from form filling to personalized content delivery, based on your specific needs.

Bug fixes

Large bot messages were occasionally causing errors - this is now fixed.

Self-referencing sitemaps no longer crash website processing.

Shopify tools beta:

  • fixed a tool naming issue that broke product/orders search
  • fixed large number of product variants breaking product search

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