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API, Office Hours, Authenticated visitors, emails

October 6, 2023

New Features

Email Integration: Agent responses & Conversation threads​

  • Users can directly reply to emails; responses integrate into Algomo conversations seamlessly.
  • Real-time updates and messages from Algomo populate in existing email threads without platform switching.
  • Emails related to a single conversation are grouped into one thread, minimizing clutter.
  • Instant alerts for mismatched email reply addresses are provided.
Email Response

Platform Demo

API Access to Algomo Chatbots​

This enhancement offers an alternative to our standard widget interface, providing you with more control and flexibility for handling complex customer service scenarios.

Direct API Access: Seamlessly integrate Algomo's AI into your custom applications or services.

Context Matters: The API can refer to previous messages in a conversation thread, making responses more contextually relevant.

If you're looking for a way to customize your AI-driven customer engagement, this feature is for you. If you're a developer aiming to integrate Algomo into your app, direct API access provides the flexibility you need.

Visitor Authentication

Seamlessly link Algomo visitors with your own user ecosystem.

  • Identity Verification: Allows for the verification of visitor identities, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized impersonations.
  • Security Enhancement: Acts as an extra layer of security to help mitigate any malicious activities.
  • Unified Conversation History: Ensures that a unified conversation history is maintained across multiple devices for each user.
  • Streamlined User Management: Once a visitor is authenticated, their data becomes readily accessible within the Algomo interface, streamlining user management tasks.
Authenticated Visitor Contact Details
Authenticated Visitor Display

Office Hours

Communicate your team's availability to customers with the Office Hours feature.

  • Real-Time Availability: Now, companies can showcase their real-time availability to customers.
  • Next Accessible Time: When the team is unavailable, the widget informs customers about the next time they can reach them.
  • Global Localization: This feature is localized in all supported languages and is designed to handle various time zones, ensuring a seamless experience for our global customer base.
  • Transparency and Expectations: Its primary purpose is to improve transparency and help manage customer expectations when it comes to response times.
Office Hours Widget
Office Hours Settings