Markdown Text Editor and Faster Website Scraping

Markdown Text Editor

Rich Formatting for Enhanced Communication: Algomo's Markdown Text Editor has been upgraded to significantly enhance the communication capabilities of Customer Service Agents. With this improvement, agents can now send messages with rich formatting options, making communication more dynamic and expressive.

Key Features:

  • Bold and Italic Text: Agents can emphasize important information or instructions by using bold or italic text, making key points stand out in the conversation.
  • Lists, Code Blocks, and Quotes: Organize information efficiently using lists, demonstrate technical details through code blocks, and use quotes for clarity and emphasis.
  • Easy Hyperlink Insertion: Adding hyperlinks is now more straightforward, allowing agents to guide customers to relevant web pages seamlessly.
  • Formatting Retention in Translation: Crucially, all formatting is retained during translation, ensuring that the message's integrity and clarity are maintained across languages.


  • Improved clarity and emphasis in communications.
  • Enhanced ability to provide detailed, structured responses.
  • Greater ease in directing customers to online resources.

Quicker Website Scraping

Enhanced Efficiency in Content Updates: The speed of our website scraping technology has been significantly improved. This enhancement reduces the time required to update website content, ensuring that your chatbot always has the most current information.


  • Faster Updates: Quicker scraping speeds mean that your chatbot's responses are always up-to-date with the latest website content.
  • Seamless Integration: Continuous and efficient updating ensures that your chatbot remains a reliable source of information.

Bug Fixes

  • Language Selection in Intent Creation: We fixed an issue where incorrect languages were assigned when creating an intent from an existing answer.
  • Web Crawling Reliability: We resolved a problem where crawling a website would sometimes get stuck during refresh, ensuring smoother and more reliable website content integration.

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