Image support, conversation assignment

New Features

Send Images in Agent Messages

Customer Service Agents can now send images in messages, enhancing support interactions by providing visual content for clearer communication. This feature supports various image formats, including PNG and JPEG, with a maximum file size of 5MB per image.

Conversation Assignment

A streamlined process has been introduced where agents must explicitly assign a conversation to themselves before replying, reducing confusion about responsibility in handling interactions. This enhancement includes a new "Assign Conversation to me" button prominently displayed in the agent interface.

Coming soon

Contextual Answers

Very soon users will be able to add tags to the knowledge base, allowing the chatbot to ask follow-up questions and provide more accurate responses based on specific customer inquiries. This feature is designed to improve the chatbot's ability to handle nuanced queries, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Generic Tools

A forthcoming feature will enable the chatbot to use external endpoints for accessing live data or performing actions, enhancing its versatility in addressing customer needs. This includes the ability to integrate with popular APIs and third-party services seamlessly.

Bug fixes

Improved Live Chat Transition

An issue has been resolved where in-progress chatbot messages are now canceled when agents take over a live chat, preventing accidental replies and ensuring a smoother transition between automated and agent-assisted interactions. This fix applies to both web and mobile platforms.