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Algomo is the strongest passport to better CX, empowering agents and travellers with generative AI solutions tailored to travel companies.

Algomo helps travel companies reach new heights with instant, personalized support powered with generative AI

  • Automatically resolve frequent customer issues
  • Accurately categorize and route support requests
  • Help customer service representatives tackle complicated cases
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Unlock value and streamline your most conmon CX operations with Intelligent Automation

Automate Simple Cases:

Provide customers with instant access to the information they need, such as frequently asked questions, trip confirmations, flight schedules, changing flights.

Empower Self-Serve

Boost self-service capabilities by facilitating complex workflows such as  identify lost baggage and change pickup locations.

Triage Complex Tickets

Algomo routes high-priority cases, like flight rebooking and change reservations to the right support team, ensuring that your customers get the help they need as quickly as possible.

Support agents with pertinent details.

Equip agents with the necessary information, such as account information and transaction history, to delight your customers

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