AI Customer Service Platform  

Generate new leads and automate customer support. Use AI on auto-pilot with 85% automatic resolution, or on co-pilot mode that helps your team. 

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8 in 10
of customer support interactions resolved through automation
of chatbot answers rated as helpful from visitors
in sales conversions from using AI for lead generation
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Instantly answer up to 85% of repetitive questions.

Our chatbot uses AI agents to provide trusted and accurate answers, reducing your team's ticket volume on the spot.

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AI Agents that get stuff done

Enhance customer service with AI agents with human-like understanding and decision-making

AI Chatbot
Live Chat with Human + AI

Streamline your services with AI triaging and seamless handover of complex issues to your support team

AI Chatbot
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Personalised interactions

AI provides the right content to the right customer, asks clarifying questions and speaks 100+ languages

AI Chatbot

Maximize productivity with our AI-enhanced helpdesk

Work smarter and collaborate faster with an AI inbox designed for speed and efficiency.

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Human support with AI Efficiency

Use AI-generated insights to uncover trends and frequently asked questions and optimize your support
Help Desk

A single inbox for the whole team 

Algomo's Helpdesk unites teams, channels, and data in one workspace, boosting efficiency
Help Desk

AI in Co-Pilot Mode 

Improve your team’s efficiency with AI-driven suggestions to your customer service team
Help Desk

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Support your customers on their favorite platforms

Empower your business to break down communication barriers, offering a unified, seamless customer experience across all channels.

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Respond from Email, Slack, CRM

Offer flexible customer support via app, email, Slack, or CRM such as Hubspot and Salesforce
Messenger & Omnichannel

Website Messenger

Customize Algomo's Messenger to fit your brand, offering auto language adjustments for global reach
Messenger & Omnichannel

Receive Messages from Anywhere

Support customers using their preferred channel—whether that’s email, WhatsApp, socials and more
Messenger & Omnichannel

How Algomo is different
ai tools for customer service

AI You Can Trust

Algomo focuses on creating dependable, accurate AI solutions, prioritizing transparency and reliability to foster trust with our users and clients.

AI Chatbot

customer service chatbot

Integration with Live Data

The AI can connect to live data sources, like flight or hotel availability, online store orders, for real-time information.

AI Chatbot

ai support bot

Human Handover

When needed, algomo can hand-over and seamlessly assign any conversation to the right specialist. Our built-in live chat module helps your team collaborate, analyse and surface the right information.

AI Chatbot

multilingual bot

AI Co-Pilot

Our Agent Assist Co-Pilot is designed to enhance customer support, offering intuitive, AI-powered assistance that complements human expertise for superior service delivery.

Help Desk

Frequently asked questions

How is Algomo different from competitors? 

Algomo differentiates itself from competitors:
1. Trustworthy AI: In collaboration with some of the UK's leading universities and companies, and funded by the UK's research and Innovation agency, at Algomo we are developing trustworthy AI that hallucinates less compared to competitors. Our technology is specifically tailored to applications where accuracy is important such as banking.
2. Our AI can connect to real-time data like flight and hotel availability or online store orders, providing customers with up-to-date information that goes beyond static knowledge bases.- Seamless blend of AI and human support:
3. Algomo offers a smooth human handover process that allows conversations to be assigned to the right human specialist when needed.

What technology is Algomo based on?

We have developed proprietary technology and AI models funded by the UK's research and innovation agency and we have a partnership and collaboration with some of the leading universities in the country. We are also utilising OpenAI's GPT-4 and ChatGPT for certain applications.

What content types can I add to train my AI chatbot?

You can add your website, external websites such as wikipedia, internal documents such as PDFs, spreadsheets and custom questions and answers.

Who are your clients?

Our clients include some of the world's top 100 websites, and leading companies in the e-commerce, travel and hospitality sector and we have developed our technology in collaboration with one of the UK's largest banks and insurance companies.

What is an AI Agent?

An AI agent is an intelligent software program that can think and act independently. To function, AI agents only require a specific goal, such as 'find order status' or 'troubleshoot this error message'. Once given a goal, they create a list of tasks and start working towards accomplishing it. As they work, AI agents continuously gather feedback from their environment and engage in an internal dialogue, as if they are prompting themselves with questions and ideas. This allows them to constantly learn, adapt, and find the optimal path to achieve their objective. When deployed in a Shopify store, AI agents can autonomously check order statuses, provide personalized product recommendations, and assist customers with modifying delivery dates or managing subscriptions.

Do you offer free trial? 

Yes, we offer a 7 day free trial that doesn't require card details. The trial can also be extended for a further 7 days upon request, giving you in total 14 days for free. After the trial we offer a simple and transparent pricing charged on a monthly basis.

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