Messenger & Omnichannel

Meet customers on the communication channels they prefer. Break barriers and provide a cohesive, smooth experience across all touch points, empowering your business to deliver exceptional service on every platform.

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Respond from Email, Slack, CRM

You can support customers from our app, your email, from within your slack or connect to your favourite CRM and respond from there

Website Messenger

Install Algomo on your website and customize the messenger to match your brand with infinite design options and colours. Our Messenger will automatically detect where your customers are visiting from and will adjust the language of the Messenger.

We Make it Easy to Track All User Analytics Image - Techflow X Webflow Template
We Make it Easy to Track All User Analytics Image - Techflow X Webflow Template

Omnichannel messaging

Support customers using their preferred channel—whether that’s email, whatsapp, social, or more. Coming Soon!

Works with your existing support tools

Integrate with all major live chat providers and handover to existing support agents using an AI generated summary of the conversation

We Make it Easy to Track All User Analytics Image - Techflow X Webflow Template
Customer case studies

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say

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“Algomo helped us automate customer support. Now we can focus on what matters - growth!”

Nina Care is a platform where parents, au pairs & babysitters can find their perfect match. Nina Care have had tremendous growth, but their support setup didn’t follow the rapid growth the company had. The team was overwhelmed by customer support enquiries over email and they wanted to speed up their response times as well as offer their users the option to self-serve.

The team decided to try Algomo to help them tackle these challenges. Some of the things that stood out to them about the platform were its automation capabilities, as well as the AI's natural and conversational approach - many times customers will think they are speaking to a real human!

of customer queries completely automated
95% of chatbot answers rated as good by visitors

“Algomo was the only AI solution that provided answers we could trust”

Basenode is an invoicing and accounting platform tailored for Web3 freelancers and companies. As a company operating within the financial and Web3 sectors, Basenode wanted to find a trustworthy AI customer service solution to do both  lead generation for prospective customers as well as to serve existing customers.

To tackle the trustworthiness issue, Algomo developed specialized AI in collaboration with NatWest—one of the UK's largest banks—and the universities of Edinburgh and Essex. This AI is designed specifically to minimize errors and "hallucinations" (instances where the AI generates incorrect or fabricated information). Basenode made use of the platform and installed it on their website.

AI Automation Rate: 85% of user queries automated witout the need of a human representative.

Messenger & Omnichannel features

Messenger Features

  • Product Carousel
  • Attachment of documents and file sharing
  • Rich messages with links
  • Chat ratings
  • Agent profiles
  • Agent availability
  • Multilingual messenger
  • Customisable

Respond from different channels

  • Respond from email
  • Respond from Slack
  • Respond from Hubspot
  • Respond from Salesforce
  • Respond from CRM

Reach your customers where they are:

  • Email
  • WhatsApp (coming soon!)
  • Facebook (coming soon!)
  • Instagram (coming soon!)
  • TikTok (coming soon!)