Improved Widget User Experience

New Features

Enhanced Chatbot Reasoning Transparency

Chatbots now provide real-time insights. This gives users greater understanding of the actions and processes behind the answers provided, improving their experience.

AI Improvements

Human Handover Enhancements

Improved the transition from chatbot to human support. Chatbots now better identify when a conversation requires a human touch and transfers accordingly. For conversations requiring specialized attention, like customer refunds, we've refined the system to trigger handovers for exact matches, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Features on the Horizon

Advanced Response Generation Insights

  • Chatbots will provide visitors with more detailed insights into the tools used and reasoning paths followed during response generation, enhancing understanding and trust in our AI solutions.

Chatbot Response Streaming

  • Visitors will see responses written word by word, drastically reducing wait times and improving the user experience with a real-time touch.