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Human feedback, AI insights and new widget test page

November 5, 2023

New features

Chatbot Response Feedback Collection

In our continuous endeavor to improve AI performance and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, we have introduced a feature that collects direct feedback from your customers post-interaction. This invaluable data will enable a more nuanced understanding of how well the chatbot is performing and where it can be improved.

  • Immediate Feedback: Customers can now rate and provide feedback on the chatbot's responses instantly, making the AI smarter with each interaction.
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed with real-time updates available on the Inbox page in Algomo. This allows for immediate insight into customer feedback, enabling a more agile response to any issues or areas of improvement highlighted by customers.
  • Configurable Feedback Collection: For a more tailored experience, the feedback collection can be easily enabled or disabled in the widget settings as per your preferences.

Conversational Insights

Understanding the nature and intent behind customer interactions is crucial for refining the chatbot’s performance. The new Conversational Insights feature helps in categorizing conversations and comprehending the reasons customers are reaching out.

  • Conversation Categorization: This helps in identifying common themes and topics, allowing for a more focused and effective improvement of the chatbot’s responses.
  • Performance Evaluation: Assess the utility of your chatbot’s responses based on the topics discussed and rate them on their usefulness. This data is instrumental in fine-tuning the chatbot for better performance over time.

New Widget Test Page

We are introducing a new widget test page to provide a more transparent and effective testing experience. This enhancement is aimed at simplifying the testing process, thereby ensuring that the chatbot is optimally configured before being deployed.


Multilingual Answers

We have enhanced the multilingual capabilities of Algomo, ensuring that the chatbot’s responses are now more consistently aligned with the language used by your visitors. This improvement facilitates smoother interactions and enhances user satisfaction across different geographies.

Bug Fixes

  • Empty Intent Group Search Error: Addressed an issue where searching within an empty intent group occasionally triggered an error. This fix ensures a smoother user experience.
  • Malformed Citation Display: Resolved a bug that resulted in a malformed citation being displayed to the visitor. This fix ensures accurate and clean citation presentation, enhancing the professionalism and clarity of interactions.
  • Email Reply Address Recognition: Fixed a bug where an email reply address was not recognized if it contained uppercase letters. This fix ensures that email addresses are accurately recognized and handled, regardless of letter casing.

We believe these updates significantly enhance the platform’s capability, ensuring Algomo continues to be a robust, reliable, and insightful customer service automation tool for our valued users. Your feedback is integral to our ongoing improvement and we encourage you to share your experiences and insights with us.