Memory, escalation reasons and Authenticated fields

AI Memory Enhancements

Long-Term Memory Retention: Our AI now retains crucial customer details like names, email addresses, and phone numbers in long-term memory storage.

This Eliminates the need for customers to repeat information during extended interactions, greatly improving the conversational continuity and user experience.

Quick access to customer snapshots on the conversations page, including names, contact details, and key notes, streamlining communication.

The AI currently does not verbalize these details directly upon request, prioritizing user privacy. We're exploring ways to balance user-driven input and AI insights for future updates.

Customizable Escalation Triggers

Tailored Alerts for Human Intervention: Customize escalation triggers to alert your human team under specific circumstances.

Usage Scenarios:

  • Perfect for flagging high-priority issues or products needing special attention.
  • Allows for smoother transitions during new feature rollouts, ensuring manual oversight when needed.

Enhanced Visitor Authentication

Custom Authenticated Visitor Fields: Introducing more flexibility in visitor authentication with customizable data fields.

Key Features:

  • Add or remove custom fields as needed, providing a more personalized and comprehensive view of customer information directly within the conversation dashboard.
  • Enhance agent efficiency by minimizing the need to switch between multiple platforms for customer information.

Miscellaneous Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Shopify Integration Stability: Resolved issues where Shopify tools previously caused memory overloads in our chatbot's short-term memory.
  • Our solution dynamically adjusts the message storage capacity, ensuring uninterrupted service and responses, regardless of payload size.