Live chat integrations, Copilot and Streaming, Human Handover

New Features

Live Chat Integrations (Closed Beta)

Deliver a seamless transition from AI to human support with our new live chat integrations. This feature, currently in closed beta, allows Algomo’s AI to hand over complex customer interactions to your support team through your preferred live chat platform. We’re proud to offer support for Intercom at launch, with additional integrations such as, Crisp Chat, Zendesk, Tidio, and LiveChat slated to arrive soon.

The below video showcases how it works for intercom

Intercom escalation flow

Enhanced AI Response Capabilities

  • Copilot Tool Responses: Our Copilot tool now boasts improved responsiveness, enabling quicker and more accurate support for customer service agents.
  • Streaming AI Responses: Experience real-time AI response streaming, ensuring that your customer interactions are as smooth and efficient as possible.


Refined Human HandoverWe’ve tightened our human handover triggers to ensure that the AI only escalates to human agents when absolutely necessary. Now, handovers are initiated only if the customer's query closely matches one of your predefined escalation reasons, enhancing the effectiveness of both AI and human responses.