AI Improvements


AI Improvements

Advanced AI reasoning

Our AI is now better at understanding the nuance behind questions, and will generate answers that are more useful, relevant and accurate than ever, particularly if an answer to a customer’s question does not exist in your knowledge base.

Speed improvements

AI responses are now faster than before. Our recent optimizations have reduced response times by an average of 20%.

Fixed Replies

We've introduced the ability for the AI to quote answers verbatim when replying, providing finer control over the tone of the answer.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Shopify orders tracking information
    • Some customers using third-party tracking services were not seeing tracking information in chatbot responses. This issue has been resolved, and responses are now much more helpful.
  • AI token limits
    • Some customers encountered error messages due to a large number of documents exceeding the AI model's capacity. We have addressed this by utilizing models with larger context capabilities and by smartly trimming unnecessary content, preventing such issues.
  • Improved AI Small Talk:
    • The AI has been improved to stick to the script more effectively when asked irrelevant questions, avoiding providing unrelated answers.

Coming soon

  • New navigation experience and UI
  • AI CoPilot