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Notification, extended memory, and improved conversation management

November 18, 2023

New Features

Browser Notifications

  1. Desktop Notifications: We've introduced desktop notifications to keep you informed in real-time. These notifications ensure critical updates are never missed, enhancing your experience with our platform.
  2. Notification Sounds: To complement our visual alerts, we've added notification sounds. Now you have the option to enable a sound whenever a new message is received.

User Management

  • Delete Users: In our effort to provide comprehensive user management tools, administrators can now delete users when necessary, ensuring better system control and security.

Conversational Memory Improvements for Tools

  • Extended Memory Capabilities: We've removed fixed memory message size limitations, allowing for more dynamic and comprehensive conversations. Now the AI can remember key facts during a conversation even if they were mentioned 100 messages ahead
  • Key Information Storage: Our AI now intelligently extracts and stores essential information like names and order numbers, enhancing interaction efficiency and personalization. This is a key feature that wil help us execute on our mission to build autonomous agents for customer service

Website Enhancements

  • Sitemap Selection: Navigate and manage websites more effectively with our improved sitemap selection feature.
  • Scraping Speed Improvements: Enjoy faster data extraction from websites, significantly reducing wait times and boosting productivity.

Conversation Management

  • Auto-Closing of Conversations: Conversations will now auto-close after a period of inactivity (15 minutes). This helps you keep your inbox tidy, and focus on the open and urgent conversations.
  • Automatic Reopening of Conversations: Conversations can reopen automatically if a user responds after closure, ensuring no query is overlooked.

System/Infrastructure Improvements

  • Provider Flexibility: Following recent service outages, we’ve enabled switching between OpenAI and Azure AI providers, ensuring continuous, reliable service.