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File uploads

January 14, 2024

New Features

File Uploads

Seamlessly send and receive files, like PDF documents, during conversations. This feature significantly improves communication efficiency, allowing for a more comprehensive exchange of information.

Resolved Bugs

Widget Interaction: Fixed an issue where the message popup widget was obstructing background clicks, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Stability Enhancements: Various stability fixes and improvements have been implemented to provide a more reliable platform.

AI Description Limits: Resolved an issue where AI-generated company descriptions exceeded character limits

Widget Navigation: Addressed a bug where the widget wouldn’t reopen after navigating to a different page if previously closed.


Contact Form Integration: The AI now more effectively utilizes provided contact form details, avoiding redundant requests for information already supplied.

Website Data Navigation: Sitemap functionality has been enhanced for easier navigation and quicker access to relevant pages.

Usage Transparency: Users can now view their subscription limits and the number of automated conversations, promoting better resource management.

AI Performance Boost: Knowledge base search responses are now cached, reducing response times and enhancing overall AI efficiency.

Shopify Integration: The onboarding experience for Shopify users has been streamlined:

  • Store names and websites are now automatically populated.
  • Store policies are directly integrated into the AI system, improving response relevance.