AI-powered Shopping Assistant
for E-Commerce.

Transform your online store with our AI shopping assistant. It personalizes product recommendations for each visitor, offers real-time order updates, and smoothly transitions complex queries to live human support.


Increase Sales for your Shopify Store
with Algomo's AI Agents

Algomo helps you provide superior customer support with the help of AI. Our
AI agents provide quick and efficient support to your customers, so you can
focus on what humans do best - build relationships with your customers!

Personalised Product Recommendations

Instant responses to product availabilty
inquiries, reducing cart abandonment
and enhancing the overall shopping

Live Order Status Updates

Real-time order tracking and status check, reducing the manual workload and repetitive queries of looking for orders.

Human + AI Live Chat

Humans can takeover any conversation from the Al.
Al will automatically escalate whenever necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI Agent?

An AI agent is a intelligent software that can think and act autonomously. The only thing they need is a goal, for example 'find order status', 'troubleshoot this error message' etc. They'll generate a task list and get to work, relying on feedback from the environment and their own internal monologue. It's as if the AI agents can prompt themselves, constantly evolving and adapting to achieve their objective in the best way possible. For a Shopify store AI agents can check status of orders, make product recommendations and help customers change deliver dates and subscriptions.

How do I install a chatbot in my Shopify Store?

Installing the Algomo chatbot on your Shopify store can be done in under 4 minutes. You don't need to be a developer. To do so please follow the following instructions or book a demo with us for a 1-1 personalised support.

What are the advantages of Algomo Vs other bots?

Algomo has 3 main advantages: 
1. Best-in-class AI for e-commerce
Our AI technology is best-in-class for e-commerce and it has been trained on Shopify stores. We can resolve up to 85% of customer queries with AI.
2. Human + AI integration.
We believe that AI alone cannot solve all problems. Thus in contrast to many other chatbots out there, human agents can step in and help at any time. The AI can even undersatnd when it can't answer questions and it automatically escalates to a human.
3.  AI Agents
We are one of the world's first to implement AI agents for e-commerce, which go beyond what a normal chatbot can offer and they can autonomously perform task that previously only members of your team could do.

See how Shopify's bot fails to give the correct answer when a customer searches for products under $100. Shopify (first) Vs Algomo (second picture).

Why do I need an AI agent for my Shopify Store?

There are many reasons why you need an AI agent for your Shopify Store:
1. 24/7 Customer Service: AI agents provide immediate assistance to customers at any time, enhancing customer support and satisfaction.
2. Sales Enhancement: AI agents can drive sales by recommending products, personalizing offers, and encouraging upsells.
3. Reduced Cart Abandonment: By engaging with customers who are hesitating to check out, AI agents can help reduce cart abandonment rates.
4. Order Tracking and Updates: AI agents offer customers instant updates on their orders, improving the post-purchase experience and reducing support queries.

Do you support other platforms besides Shopify?

Algomo works in any ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, but also website builders like Wix and Squarespace. We currently only natively support Shopify for deep integrations involving calling the status update, product descriptions API etc. If you'd like us to support your favourite e-commerce platform for AI agents, please reach out! 

Which technology is your chatbot based on?

We have developed proprietary technology funded by the UK's research and innovation agency and we have a partnership and collaboration with some of the leading universities in the country.  

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