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Measure the impact of Algomo on website conversions
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Measure the impact of Algomo on website conversions


Google Analytics is the web analytics service, used worldwide by thousands of companies. It provides statistics and comes with analytical tools as well as features for marketing and SEO (data visualization, segmentation for analysis, custom reports, etc.).

The tool tracks interactions between your website and visitors. You can see charts about traffic on your website, check conversions and analyze the behavior of your visitors.

Using Google Analytics, you can find answers to the following questions:

  • How many people visit my website?
  • Do I need a mobile-friendly website?
  • Where do my visitors live?
  • What websites send users to my website?
  • What marketing tactics drive the most traffic to my website?

With the Google Analytics app, you can assess which messages, bots, or apps have the greatest impact on conversions, so that you can optimize your funnel and maximize the impact of Algomo on your revenue goals.

The app sends to your Google Analytics account key events, including when a visitor opens or closes the Algomo widget, starts or replies to a conversation or message, provides an email address, or interacts with an app on the home screen or in a message or conversation. In addition, event labels are included to specify the messages, bots and apps with which visitors are interacting.

Key Features

Store Algomo related data in Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics integration allows you to collect Algomo related data like the number of conversations, when a visitor provides an email address, etc. But there's more – we'll not only collect the data automatically but also store them in your Google Analytics account.

Seamless installation

No need to configure anything or dabble in advanced configuration.


Use customer data to improve conversions

Algomo collects and tons of customer data; contact details, chat transcripts, conversation topics, conversation escalations etc help you gather powerfull sales insights, feedback, and define customer personas

Understand the customer experience, starting from the moment they visit your website

With Algomo for Google Analytics, you can not only monitor your website visitors as they browse, but also analyze traffic patterns better.

Analyze and understand traffic patterns

Linking Algomo with Google Analytics enables you to get much more powerful insights regarding your sales funnel.

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