Get notified and reply to conversations directly from Slack
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Get notified and reply to conversations directly from Slack


Deliver customer support where it’s more powerful and effective. Connecting Algomo with a Slack workspace lets your agents chat from either software. Whatever happens in Algomo is instantly reflected on Slack, providing you with seamless communication experience.

Algomo lets you link a specific chat widget or conversation channel to a dedicated Slack channe, making sure that the customers who visited the pricing page chat with sales specialists.

The Slack for Algomo integration lets you transform a chat into a public or private channel. All agents can join a chat on a public channel, but their messages won’t be visible to customers. This way customers won’t get any messages sent by accident. It’s also a great way to help agents tackle difficult cases together.

Key Features

Send messages, files, images and emojis

As an agent, you can send and receive not only messages, but also files, images, and emojis. Customer receiving files and images on Slack will access them via links.

Direct engagement by your whole team

When a visitor to your site initiates a new chat session, Algomo creates a dedicated channel for just that conversation. Your team will see a notification in your Algomo channel in Slack, and any of the operators can join in the conversation at any time.

Offline mode

Transform a chat into a public channel so that other agents can join in and supervise. Alternatively, invite colleagues to private channels and chat with customers together!

Connect Algomo with multiple Slack channels

Route customers to different Slack channels depending on your business use cases.


Synchronized communication between LiveChat and Slack

Messages exchanged in real time, as well as chat history, are stored in Algomo and on Slack.

Always at hand

You can chat wherever you are using the Slack mobile app.

You decide where you chat

Choose to chat from Algomo or Slack based on the situation or your personal preference.

Use the software you already have

If you use Slack in your company, you already know the software well. There’s no need to install and get used to a new app.