Shopify, email templates

New Features

A. Shopify Orders Tools (Work in Progress)

Now connect your chatbot to your Shopify store effortlessly to enable real-time order status updates for your customers. This feature is designed to comprehend the information it already possesses and will inquire only for the missing details to fetch the order specifics.

Example of ai chatbot for website
Example of ecommerce chatbot integration with Shopify

B. Custom Tools Creation (Work in Progress)

Capture structured details from your customers to trigger actions like calling APIs, sending emails, or escalating conversations. This feature empowers various use cases:

  • Lead Generation: Automate email sending or CRM contact updating.
  • Location: Assist customers in finding the nearest branch.
  • Payments: Facilitate subscription updates seamlessly.
Example of ecommerce chatbot integration with Shopify

Completed Features

C. New Email Templates

We've revamped our email templates to ensure automated conversation emails are now more readable and engaging for your visitors.

Example of ecommerce chatbot integration with Shopify

Bug Fixes

D. Widget Company Name

When a chatbot is assigned to a widget, it will now display the chatbot’s company name, enhancing the consistency in brand representation.