Shopify Product Search & Adding knowledge from Inbox

New Features

Our chatbot is evolving, and so is its learning curve.

You can now save important questions/answers into your chatbot’s knowledge base right from the conversations view.

Instead of navigating away into the Data Sources page, you can now quickly add more content to your chatbot.

Entering the improve flow

Quick Corrections: If you are not happy with the answer of the bot, you can swiftly correct its mistake by saving the question adding the correct answer. The next time around, it will not repeat the same mistake.

Had an exemplary interaction with a customer? Save it! This allows the chatbot to adapt and learn from your great responses, further improving the automation rate.


We have rolled out a new functionality for all users in our private beta on shopify tools.

In this beta feature, you customers can search all products with parameters like price range. If you are not part of the beta, contact us to try it out now!

Dynamic Search: Our system dynamically integrates with Shopify ensuring that any updates made on Shopify are instantly reflected in the widget, streamlining customer queries and ensuring they always have access to the most current product data.

Coming Soon - Custom Product Cards: Enhance your customer's browsing experience with custom-designed product cards tailored to highlight the key features of your products.


Summarise your conversations and categorise them to quickly and easily scan through past support conversations!

With our AI generated contact reasons, you can identify what your customers are looking for with a single glance. You will also be able to define the contact reasons that matter to you, so these insights will be 100% aligned with your business needs.

In addition, you will be able to generate a list of topics discussed with a single click so you don’t have to read every message to understand the questions your customers are asking.


Improved the chatbot responsiveness so that it responds more consistently

Switched to using ‘ctrl + Enter’ (or ‘cmd + Enter’) to send messages from the conversations page. No more accidental replies!

Added CAPTCHA to our sign in to protect against spammers