Shopify agents and interaction insights

Shopify Agents

Automated Order Checking: This feature streamlines the order verification process, reducing the need for manual checks. By automating routine checks, it minimizes errors and speeds up order processing, allowing human agents to focus on complex issues that require personal attention.

Search Functionality: Improves the shopping experience by making it easier for customers to find products through natural language queries. This reduces search time and enhances user satisfaction.

Product Comparison: Offers customers a more informed shopping experience by allowing them to compare products based on detailed attributes and custom metafields. This helps in making more informed purchasing decisions.

Product Recommendations: Utilizes store data to provide personalized product suggestions, enhancing the shopping experience by helping customers find products that meet their specific needs and preferences.

Customer Interaction Insights

  • Customer Intent Summarization: This tool provides a concise summary of a customer's intent, enabling support agents to quickly understand the purpose of a customer's inquiry without reading through the entire conversation. It streamlines customer support processes, improving response times and the overall customer experience.

Platform Enhancements and Bug Fixes

System Improvements

  • Human Handover Protocol: The improved protocol more accurately identifies when a conversation requires human intervention, ensuring a seamless transition from AI to human support. This optimizes the customer service process by ensuring that customers receive the appropriate level of assistance for their inquiries.

Bug Fixes

  • Bot Reply Timing: Resolves delays in bot responses, ensuring timely and efficient interaction with users.
  • Company Description Visibility: Fixes an issue where company descriptions were not being displayed, ensuring accurate and complete information is available.
  • Empty Bot Messages: Addresses instances of bots sending empty messages, improving the coherence and quality of interactions.
  • Subscription Page Accuracy: Corrects inaccuracies on the subscription page, ensuring users have access to correct and useful information.