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Generic API tools

January 7, 2024


Beta Release of API Tools

HTTP Endpoint Integration: You can now call any HTTP endpoint. This feature enables actions like raising feature requests on GitHub, booking calendar appointments, or checking hotel availability.

AI calling a github issue tool

Enhanced Tool Management: Manage your tools more effectively with new screens that handle authentication, parameters, and descriptions.

Expanded Bot Capability: Add up to 5 tools to your bot. The bot intelligently determines when to call each tool and what information to gather beforehand.

Bug Fixes

Tools Page Issue: Resolved an issue where the assigned chatbots list was incorrectly displayed as empty on the Tools page.

Content Scraping Accuracy: Fixed occasional missing content in scraped web pages.

iOS Widget Scroll: Addressed an issue where the widget affected scrolling on iOS on certain websites.

Multiple Chatbot Update Error: Corrected an error encountered when updating multiple chatbots simultaneously.

Chat Widget Clickability: Fixed an issue where the section of a webpage behind the hidden chat widget was unclickable.

Website Data Scraping: Enhanced the reliability of webpages scraping for scraped website data sources.

Tool Call Errors: Fixed errors occurring when multiple tools are called in quick succession.


Shopify User Onboarding: Enhanced the onboarding experience for new Shopify users, making it smoother and more intuitive.

Intent Overrides: Intents can now be prioritized over tools for greater control over chatbot responses.

Without intent overrides

With intent overrides

Use Case Examples:

- Direct customers to a specific webpage for order changes, instead of checking Shopify orders.

- Provide additional information about products not available on Shopify.

Coming Soon…

  • Email Tools: Integrate form data collection and email sending capabilities, ideal for lead generation and customer interaction.
  • Tool Templates: Streamline connections with popular 3rd party services using our upcoming tool templates.