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Join Our Co-pilot Closed Beta

March 7, 2024


New Feature on the Horizon – Co-pilot

AI Agent Assist Copilot for Customer Service Chatbot

What is Algomo's Co-pilot feature?

Co-pilot provides customer service agents with AI-powered recommendations. This assists agents to provide accurate responses quickly to achieve a higher quality of customer service and user satisfaction.

AI Agent Assist Copilot for Customer Service Chatbot

How to Join?

Copilot is currently in early access beta. Get in contact with us for access to the beta – only a limited number of slots available!

New Feature on the Horizon - Enhanced Human Handoff

We're improving the transition from chatbot to human support. Enhanced Human Handoff will enable automatic additional information requests, effectively conclude conversations, and seamlessly offer the option to start new inquiries as separate tickets. This feature will enhance the clarity and efficiency of support interactions.

Algomo enhanced human handoff concluding conversation

Platform Enhancements and Bug Fixes

System Improvements

  • Optimized AI Response Times: Through targeted backend optimizations, we have achieved a significant reduction in the response times of our AI systems, resulting in faster and more efficient user interactions.

Bug Fixes

  • Citation Link Display: Addressed an issue where clicking on reference citations within answers did not properly display the corresponding reference information.