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UK-Germany Collaborative Grant

German startup? Get up to €450k in cash, equity free!
Who we are

We are particularly interested in improving customer service using generative AI. Some of our project ideas revolve around developing:Autonomous AI agents that can interact with APIs (like Shopify, Salesforce etc) to consume real-time information. Bespoke language models specialised in customer serviceMulti-modal models that can accept as inputs pdfs, images, etc as inputs to customer service inquiriesWe are also flexible and open to your ideas.  

Your profile

We are looking for a Germany incorporated company to participate in collaborative industrial research project with us

You need to EITHER

  • Have  strong expertise in NLP or GenAI, Cloud Computing/Analytics. That will help us easily improve  on some tech capabilities that we currently lack.

  • Want to improve your online customer service experience across multiple languages and channels. And you have at least one full-time person in the company doing customer service or sales.
Roles and responsibilies
  • Algomo:
    Provide expertise in generative AI,  multilingual customer service, and integration to our solution 
  • German partner:
    Contribute knowledge of  LLMs and related AI technologies OR offer organization as a testbed 
  • Both parties:
    Ensure regular communication, coordination, and joint pursuit of project  milestones 
  • Joint development of state-of-the-art AI
  • Mutual growth and learning through idea and  insight exchange 
  • New market opportunities and expansion of customer base for both companies
  • Strengthened presence in global AI 
  • Generous equity free grant funding
More information

Algomo uses generative AI to help companies offer  their best customer service across 100+ languages. We use our own custom trained multilingual retrieval  engine and a combination of Large Language Models like ChatGPT to enable natural conversations.This enables us to easily create conversational search experiences based on  multiple data sources (website data, notion files,  pdfs etc) and APIs (like Shopify, Internal APIs, etc )
Our innovative work has been recognised by Governmental and Private institutions and we have received over $1.2M of funding and won 8 grants.

Algomo Team
Competition details
  • German companies can receive up to €450.000
  • Application deadline: 6 Dec 2023
  • Project must involve AI
  • Project duration: 18 or 36 months
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