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We're unlocking access to digital knowledge

Our mission is to democratise access to digital information across every channel, language and geography. Our simple yet powerful platform empowers customers and employees instantly resolve any query, with the least amount of human effort.

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Why Algomo

Unified platform

You don't need a multitude of technologies for every business problem. Algomo offers a complete platform that lets you create, manage and deploy your automation in minutes.

Generative AI

Leave traditional chatbots behind. Algomo uses Large Language Models that have access to your existing knowledge base, and can provide answers in a natural way

Instant results

Identify common questions, track performance and ROI, and instantly improve time to resolution and lower your costs.

Our Name

Our name is a portmanteau of the words Algorithm (originating from Arabic) and Homo, (human in Latin). We chose that name, as these two words which come  from two diverse languages reflect our focus around:

  • Human-centered  AI: AI systems that amplify and augment rather than displace human abilities
  • Inclusive AI: Ai that is accessible to all,  non-discriminatory in its production and unbiased.

Our Logo

The logo is a  monogram for Algomo,  which at first sight it forms the letter A for Algorithm. Interestingly the negative space forms the kanji character for Hito (人), meaning human in Japanese and Chinese. We believe that AI can only exist with the human dimension at heart, and hope that our logo depicts that.

That’s it. Super simple, really, but we love it!

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