Your data, your rules

Introduce human expertise to guide AI find hidden topics in your customer conversations

Topic modelling made human

Meet the first human-in-the-loop platform that helps you efficiently identify the topics in any text corpus. Tagomo combines transfer learning and active learning to achieve the accuracy of human exploration with the speed of AI

Learns with you

Unsupervised ML is too confident- even when wrong. Tagomo lets you distill your expertise, so that you are 100% confident in the derived categorisation.

60x faster

We use new powerful pretrained NLP models to select only the most informative data for you to review.

Incorporate your business logic

Utilise any business rules and add your own heuristics to speed up the topic discovery process.

Turn everyone into a team player

Tagomo intelligently selects and distributes annotation and exploration workloads to any available user, allowing you to avoid labelling bottlenecks and make the most of your domain experts.

Supercharge Your
Customer Service