Algomo Platform -

The Future of Customer Service

Our all-in-one automation solution is revolutionising customer service, one delighted customer at a time.

Reach your global audience

Unlock 60% more customers by providing customer support in their preferred language

Improve Customer Experience

90% of customers prefer a self-service tool over support agents. Let your business speak for itself

Free and empower your agents

Reduce customer service costs by 30% and save your team for the cases that matter

Native Fluency in Every Language

Algomo Platform can understand over 100 languages - that’s more than google translate!

Rapid Setup

Algomo Platform can be set up in minutes not months and can function perfectly with minimal training data - no experience required

No Code

Algomo removes the stress in bot management and gives you control without the need for Data Scientists or AI trainers.


Algomo’s analytics isn't just about data, it gives you the tools to find the insights that take your business to the next level.

Live Chat

Our inbuilt live chat functionality allows you to seamlessly switch between agent and bot whenever you need.