Discover Algomo

A next generation AI built for startups that are looking for scaliable multilingual customer service solutions


Rapid Setup

Algomo AI is ready in minutes rather than months, with high accuracy from the start and only requiring limited training data.

Live Chat

Seamless handoff to an agent when the bot recognizes it is unable to help further, allowing your team to focus on high-value tickets

Natively Multilingual

Semantically understands 109 languages, understanding intent behind messages beyond just words.

No Code Maintenance

No code set up and management, giving control to any member of your team without the need for a data-scientist.

Partner with Algomo

A partnership would entail zero financial risk on your end. Algomo is committed to absorb any initial development costs and offer a free 6-month trial of the product.

Additionally, Algomo is willing to conduct further continuous developments and fine tuning of the product to better suit your needs.

All in all, we are looking for some early adopters to beta-trial our product, to acquire feedback, further develop our core competencies and establish some strong early relationships.

On your end, you will be receiving next generation technology with unique capabilities at limited risk.To join our partnership program, we have set up a waiting list for the expected traffic.

We will be choosing companies and start-ups that best fit our target market profile. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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