A chatbot that instantly resolves your customer queries in every language!
The web today is global. What about your customer service?
Your company deserves to reach customers from all over the world
There are 850 Million Internet users in China
Spanish is the native language of 350 Million people on the Internet
There are over 220 Million Arabic speakers on the Internet
But only 28% of us get support in our native language
Automating customer support across multiple languages used to be a big challenge.
Until now
the language barrier
Make your Webflow site multilingual, without coding
Makes your customer support natively multilingual
You can create a bot with minimal training data, reducing the setup time from months to minutes
Rapid setup
No coding required
Up and running in minutes
A solution for everyone
Never miss a word
Click and edit
Always improving
You’ll be searchable in your new markets.
You are always in control
Knows your business language
All components are easily editable with CSS.