No Code Maintenance

Automation Accessible To Anyone

With a no code platform that makes everything easy

No Code, No Stress

So many of today’s AI are inaccessible and difficult to handle. Algomo removes the stress in bot management and gives you control without the need for Data Scientists or AI trainers.

Zero Code Setup

Launching an automation shouldn’t take weeks of hard work. Our no code setup means there’s no need for data scientists or AI trainers when you launch on your site.

Control Your Bots Your Way

We designed Algomo to let frontline teams build and automate customer service requests themselves. From analytics to conversational reports and training, the power of Algomo is in always in your hands.

Communication Made Simple

We use visual forms to capture customer information rather than complex conversation trees. This makes interacting with your customers in any language more intuitive and efficient than ever.

Supercharge Your
Customer Service