Natively Multilingual

Break Through The Language Barrier

With Customer Service Automation That Understands Every Language

We Speak customer

Algomo makes any language barrier between you and your customers a thing of the past. While most AI gets lost in translation, Algomo handles queries in any language with accuracy and precision

Native Fluency in Every Language

74% of customers prefer to do business with a brand that offers support in their first language. It’s time to delight your customers with experiences in whichever language suits them.

Beyond Translation

Move beyond keywords and translation and never compromise on quality again. With Semantic Understanding, Algomo identifies the meaning behind each query, increasing your automation levels and ROI.

Born Ready

With native understanding in over 100 languages, Algomo only needs to learn about your business, not human language. That's why it only takes minutes to train!

Global Reach

With more languages than Google Translate and an ever expanding intelligence, Algomo is the perfect AI partner that scales with your business and excels in any market or country.

Supercharge Your
Customer Service