Live Chat

Get The Best Of Both Worlds

With Live Chat Functionality That Leaves No Issue Out Of Reach

One For All, All For One

Algomo is built to be a team player. Our inbuilt live chat functionality allows you to seamlessly switch between agent and bot whenever you need to, making it the perfect companion to your customer service team.

Are You Being Served?

You shouldn't have to choose between bots or humans. Seamless handoff allows agent’s to jump into conversations and hand back to a bot without breaking a sweat.

Autonomous Training

You’re not in it alone! Algomo learns from every interaction you have including live chat. Even when it’s not talking to customers, Algomo gets smarter.

Empower Your Teams

Algomo’s Live Chat system is complemented by conversational analytics that provides you with the insights to make truly meaningful decisions.

Live Chat I Choose You

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